I Have Arrived and Am Safe In Quito

Here I am, finally in Quito, Ecuador after taking the 12:30 afternoon flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta to Quito on Delta. I read that the airport in Quito was located in the middle of the city, and it really was. It seemed like the plane was going to crash straight into the buildings, until out of nowhere came the airport. I went through customs with ease, and there was a driver waiting for me. Well, actually, he was waiting for Jackson B. I would later find out that Jason is a rather uncommon name.

I am staying at a $10 hotel for my first night and it’s just about what I would have expected. Basic but nice.

By the way, Quito is actually an hour behind. I just thought I’d let you guys know that.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

"Jason is the best person you'll ever meet here. He's just a ray of sunshine. An adventurer, businessman, and has a 4.9 Uber rating. Lovely person inside and out. I say, go message him" - My Mom

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