I Quit My Job For The Galapogas and Colombia

The party went alright. A co-worker and I spent so much time getting everything together, that we did not have enough time to promote it properly. Anyways, at least 150 people showed up, and the party was fun with lots of dancing.

On Friday, one of my new co-workers invited us to a party at her house. Before the party, a few of my co-workers and I went to the old town to search for a new mp3 player I could buy (lost mine). I found some ipods but did not end up buying anything. We also watched a band playing indigenous Andes music while a bunch of them danced. Later when we got to the party, I met a few peace corps volunteers there, and it was interesting to hear about their projects. Afterward, a bunch of us went to one of the nightclubs for some dancing. I didn’t get home too late that night, and slept in until about 11 the next morning.

On Saturday, i took a bus back to the old town to browse the Ipiales market with a co-worker. It was not my first time there, and was once again very interesting. It was packed with indoor and outdoor stalls full of clothing, electronics, food, ect.

I stayed in at night, watching movies with some people from my hostel.

On sunday, i went back to the old town to browse the Ipiales market some more. I also visted the many beautiful plazas and churches there. I caught a nice concert where they played a bunch of songs from Latin America, some of which I recognized, in the main plaza (Plaza Independencia). I got back to my hostel at about 4:30, after a long day of walking. Again, I just watched some movies for the rest of the night while i ate a huge burrito that must have weighed a few pounds.

Yesterday (Monday), i went into work to tell my boss that I was going to quit at the end of the week. I guess she took the news as best as she could. The reason why I quit is that I have finished just about all of my work I set out to do, and so i find myself browsing the internet all day. That is not what I want to do with my time here. I have also been to most of the places that interest me in Ecuador. I bought my ticket to the Galapagos Islands yesterday, and am set to leave this sunday. I expect to stay there for 1 1/2 weeks, doing different day tours. I am supposed to return on july 25th. I may either fly to Colombia on the 26th or 29th.

My plan in Colombia is something like this… Fly to cartegena—–san Andres/providencia—–san gil—santa Marta—-Medellin——Bogotá——-Cali—–popayan—–quito

From what I have read and heard from tons of travelers coming from Colombia, it has become much safer in recent years. If i avoid the dangerous areas, and travel during daylight, i should be fine. All of the travelers i have met claim that Colombia has been their favorite country in South America. I am extremely excited for all of this.

Back to last night. I met a lot more people in my hostel (lots of Irish, English, Dutch, Swedish and Australian people). Together, we all got some Thai/Japanese food (they were all so loud)! Afterward, most of us went to a bar next door for a while which was decent. Then later on, a few of us went to another bar where we just talked until I left at 2:00 to go to bed.

Now I am here at work, not really working. I did sell a membership earlier though, and have taken care of some things my business.

The next time I write, I will likely be back from the Galapagos. Until then.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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