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Ibiza’s known around the world as the party island that never sleeps – but there’s so much more to it than that. While its reputation as the clubbing capital of Europe is well-deserved, much of Ibiza and the surrounding islands offer serene, beautiful landscapes to relax in. Whether you’re booking Ibiza hotels to live it up or unwind on the beach

, check our guide to what to do there:

Ibiza Sunset

Party in the clubs

Everyone who’s been to Ibiza has their own view on which clubs are the hottest at the moment, so the best way is to go to as many as possible and find out which ones suit your tastes. Top venue Space in Playa d’en Bossa

, on the outskirts of Ibiza Town, is consistently lauded by customers and DJs alike and serves up a regular mix of techno and dance. Amnesia in San Rafael

is just as famous, and argued by many to be Ibiza’s quintessential nightclub. Finally, Privilege attracts celebrities in droves, has stunning views of the island and its own swimming pool – as well as having the honour of being the world’s biggest club!

Charter a boat

If all that clubbing’s got you needing to unwind with a relaxing day on the waves, look no further than Ibiza’s many boat hire companies. The island of Formentera

is a must-visit, offering a haven of pristine white beaches and azure waters. Because most of the island is flat, it’s a great place to rent a bicycle and spend a leisurely day exploring. Alternatively, indulge in some of the local watersports like jet skiing, parachute sailing and banana rides if you want a more lively activity.

Party boat in sunset at Ibiza

Explore Ibiza

Far from the crowds, Ibiza’s true beauty is revealed. Rent a car and explore the green and tranquil north of the island, the beaches and rustic villages of the south-west and the panoramic views in San Joses, the highest point on Ibiza. Don’t forget to visit the famous Hippy Markets, the fascinating Salt Flats and the Can Marca Caves – all amazing destinations in their own right that make it worth your while to take a bit of time out of the clubs.


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