I'll Finally Travel to Italy Thanks to Inghams

I’ll Finally Travel to Italy Thanks to Inghams

Not many of you may know this, but I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy more than anywhere else. Maybe it’s because I’m partially Italian on my Father’s side. Maybe it’s because of Italy’s fantastically beautiful views and landmarks. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t had Italian food since that place across the street closed down last month. Whatever the reason, Italy has always just seemed to emit a certain call.

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Inghams’ Got My Back

I’ll be able to answer that call in a few short weeks, when I finally will travel to Italy, thanks to Inghams

new brochure of hand-picked holidays throughout Italy. They offer stays at luxurious spas, converted farmhouses, and family run ‘Alberghi Diffusi’, which I’ve just learned literally means spread out hotels with rooms dotted around the village. Their packages even include trips to historic castles and monasteries, which is something I’ve always been particularly excited to see (considering I’m an American, which means that the oldest buildings I’ve ever seen are hundreds of years old, not thousands.

Italy San Gimignano

The ‘Real’ Tour

Inghams Concierge Service is utterly fantastic. Since I am (still) and American, I do not speak much Italian. In fact, my Italian is so rudimentary it consists mostly of improperly pronounced pasta names. Needless to say, I was a little nervous to travel to Italy, only to sit in the hotel room for the entire trip because I can’t read or write the language. But that was before I learned the Concierge Service will be there to help, offering all of the best advice on things like where to get a bite to eat around Sicily and what sites to see. They can even source tickets to popular events going on nearby.

Have It Your Way

You also have the option to cater your Inghams Italy multi-centre holiday to your personal taste in location, meaning you can pick two or three destinations to stay at. You can even decide for how long you stay – from short breaks to extended stays. With a range of travel choices from over 20 regional airports, Eurostar high-speed rails, ferry trips, and even a trip on the Oriental Express.

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