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Impress Your Friends with these Smoking Tips

The next time you go out with your friends and want to impress them with your smoking skills. Just try one or more of the following.

Longest Ash

Give them a long ash, allow your ash burn do a long time. To do this you need to be patient, a perfect light and the right cigar. There are some quality Cheyenne cigars that burn with firm ash.

Stand your Cigar on its Ash

There are some quality cigars that their ash are firm enough to stand the cigar on it ash. You may need to put in some practice for some time to perfect it. If you get a firm ash and a flat bottom then you’re good to go. Don’t forget to take a quick picture of it for record sake.

Blow Smoke Rings

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One thing that never fail to get attention is a smoke ring. This is a little hard to describe but let me try. Get your mouth fill with smoke, use your lips to make a circle as perfect as possible. Use your tongue now to push the smoke out. You’ll need a couple practice sessions to perfect it.

Mak an “X” cut with a V-cutter

You will need a good V-cutter to do this. The Xikar V-cutter is most recommended here. This cutter makes a perfect razor-sharp cut. Few cutters rivalnit. The first cut should be made a dead center as much as possible. Then you turn the cigar 90º and make another cut again. You have it there.

Make a “Figure 8” with a Punch Cutter

This is one of a kind. This style is done with a Punch Cutter. How is this done?  Instead of the usual cutting of a joke in the center of your cigar do it towards the side of the cigars cap. Then make another side cut directly opposite the first side cut. What you’ll have will be a neat figure 8. You’ll perfect this with just one or two practices.

Make a “Clover Leaf” with a Punch Cutter

This style is done the same way we did the above style. The only difference is that the second punch is done 45º away from the first one. And make a third punch same way. The fourth punch is made across the first one. The result will be a neat little 4 leaf clover with a nice looking draw.

Make a “Perfect Cut”

With the aid of a sharp double blade cutter, put the cutter on your table then open the cutter blades. Position the cigar straight up inside the opening. Bring the cutter blades together now and cut. This produces a nice looking straight cut that is not deep.

Fixing an Uneven Burn

One annoying thing about smoking cigar is seeing it burn unevenly. Every smoker want to fix it. Let your friends see your cigar burn evenly all the time. How can you do it? Gently blow through the cigar to purge it. Set it down on the ashtray make sure the slow burning side is down. If the other side is burning more, you rotate again for an even burn.

Jason Bucowski