Indiana Jonesing It to Red Frog Beach

On the recent trip to Panama

‘s Bocas del Toro we boarded a water taxi to take us to somewhere we would decide once we were in the taxi. A hippy rasta mix of a guy suggested we come with him to his dock and he would point us in the right direction to Red Frog Beach. The water taxi was a trip in of itself with gorgeous views like this from my side of the boat.

After landing on Bastamentos we pointed to the jungle and said the beach was just a ten minute walk. We walked uphill past a graveyard straight into the untamed Panamanian jungle.
We brushed aside plants as they we clearly trying to overtake our path to the beach. How dare they Meanwhile the birds were chirping and beads of sweat poured out of places I did not think possible like my ear canals for one.
Sometimes the path dissipated entirely and I followed the strong sense of my friend’s direction.
Ten minutes turned into thirty and as far as I was concerned this hippie-rasta was playing some kind of joke on us.
Haha 🙁
But the path reappeared as I struggled shirtless down the muddy slope.
And we made it.
Just do not ask me how we got back.
Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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