International Travellers & Must Experience NYE Celebrations

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebration

attracts over one billion viewers worldwide, securing it as one of the most extravagant and wonderful in the world. Visitors to our shores would already be aware of the incredible natural beauty our city has to offer: our harbour area is truly extraordinary, an astounding and elegant palette for aesthetic beauty.

Consider the imposing and impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge, a true regional icon of architecture and style. On New Year’s Eve, the structure is transformed into a platform for wild beauty and excitement. Nearby, the world-famous Sydney Opera House will bask in the glory of the dazzling night-lights. Meanwhile, Sydney’s glittering cityscape looms over the proceedings, allowing revellers far and wide to get a glimpse of the amazing show.

But for international travellers and one-time visitors, navigating Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations can be a delicate proposition. Fine hotels with harbour views are often booked out well in advance, and the CBD area experiences a general increase in demand. Crowds gather early in the day, and throughout the day the number of attendees crosses into the millions. Similarly, restaurants may offer a fine dining experience, but they will rarely include an unencumbered view of the goings-on. In short, it can be a hassle.

It’s for this reason that well-heeled travellers often prefer something more experiential and elegant. Many visitors see the obvious allure of a night aboard a luxury vessel. The best services offer guests a chance to escape the crowds and displeasing experiences, and opt for something more luxurious and generally peaceful. The all-inclusive MV EPICURE I New Year’s Eve experience is perhaps the best option for thoughtful travellers, as it allows for the thorough and relaxed enjoyment of the beguiling event.

The stylish and simple harbour cruise offers guests a sumptuous five-course dinner and premium service from dedicated staff. All beverages and on-sea entertainment are included with the ticket, and best of all, visitors are guaranteed exceptional harbour views and a hassle free evening. For all guests, the night offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to escape the crowds and enter a world of grandeur and sophistication.

If you desire a truly precious and memorable experience in Sydney this New Year’s Eve, contact MV EPICURE


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