Jeep Doesn’t Just Carry Soldiers Into Battle – Sponsored Video


I hope you enjoy this sponsored video. It’s up for Veterans Day, and I know it’s a little late, but it’s not like the sentiments expressed on Veterans Day aren’t applicable every day and every year.

I’ve included it because there is no vehicle more synonymous with the American military than the Jeep. (Okay, well maybe the horse if you go back far enough.) Jeeps were developed during World War II, and have been driven by countless soldiers since then; both under fire during battle on foreign soil and at home during natural emergencies. They carry the private and they carry the general. They may even be the origin of the term “shotgun,” since during World War II the person sitting in the front passenger seat of the jeep carried a shotgun for self-defense. Jeep has been serving our nation’s armed forces since 1941, and like many wartime industries and companies, Jeep turned its attention to a growing consumer class once Germany and Japan were defeated. That’s because Jeep doesn’t just carry soldiers into battle. It carries them home from battle as well. And it also carries them to the lake after they get home from battle. It carries them to the mountain to go hiking. It helps them pick up their kids at school. Jeep does everything that is needed, because that’s what the American soldiers it carries does: everything that’s needed.

Whether at war or at peace, Jeep creates the vehicles that get the  job done, the ones that are made to do the dirty work and get people to where they need to go safely.

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