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Keeping The Pool Clean

When you own a pool, you need to maintain it so that the water stays clean and clear. Proper maintenance also keeps the liner from tearing and prevents damage to the components that are added, such as a slide, ladder or diving board. It doesn’t matter if you have an above-ground pool or one that is in the ground as either one still needs to be maintained by either yourself or a professional.

Remove any debris that you see floating in the water by using a skimmer. There are skimmers of various sizes and shapes. Some of them come in fun shapes so that children can help keep the water clean as well. If children are helping you, then someone needs to stay with them at all times for their safety. Throw away the waste that you retrieve from the pool before adding any chemicals that will clean the water. Make sure the filter is cleaned as well as any baskets that are located along the side of the pool that will help to collect everything from leaves to insects.

You’ll probably have a vacuum of some kind in the pool. Keep the nozzles pointed to the bottom of the pool so that there aren’t as many ripples in the water. This will also allow you to see the bottom of the pool, which is beneficial in the event that someone is under the water or if there is debris in the water that you can’t reach with the skimmer. Use a hose to vacuum the pool to remove sand, dirt and other debris that doesn’t collect in the filters. It usually takes about 30 minutes to clean the pool depending on the size. You want to move slowly through the water instead of rushing so that you remove all of the debris. If the hose begins to float, then it could indicate a hole in the hose. After the pool is clean, add chlorine and other chemicals that will keep the pH levels normal and that will keep bacteria levels low. You can get many of the items that are needed from companies like

. Baking soda works as well if you don’t have the proper chemicals to use in the water.

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