How To Land Luxurious Holidays On a Budget

How To Land Luxurious Holidays On a Budget


Luxury and a tight budget don’t ordinarily come hand in hand but it is possible to get hold of high quality stays for a fraction of the normal price, with a little know how. Below are just a few tips to grab your idea of a luxury getaway, whether that be five star stays or picturesque cottages, on budget.

Think outside of Far Flung Destinations

The flight prices alone make up the majority of some budgets especially for long haul destinations, even superseding the accommodation costs. Cut out this by planning for somewhere nearer to home, especially consider a destination that you would not have previously considered. Compare some European

ideas that are a bargain for flights, accommodation and every days costs like food and travel. These also tend to offer colourful ways to spend days out, and richly (and cheaply) immersive ways to soak up cultures.

Look Out For End of Season Deals


Now is a particularly good time to grab an autumn break as the summer season winds down. Resorts and villages highly invested in tourism will particularly welcome out of season visitors to give a much needed boost to a winding down local economy. This is especially true if you are looking into a ‘staycation’. Flick through some of the better last minute or flash sale travel sites

, if you don’t have a specific place in mind. If you have a honeymoon or anniversary coming up, you can use it to your advantage; ask tour operators and suppliers of accommodation to include a few extras, to make it that bit extra special. Ask if they can spare you an upgrade, or some extra touches to make the experience unforgettable, and they will likely want to give a good first impression to boost business if you are new customers.

Break It Up into Smaller Stays

If you don’t want to scrimp on the food, pool, interior design and features, look at cutting down a week long stay into five days. Or, plan two long weekends set apart, to go to two different destinations. It is worth reducing the time as opposed to the quality of your stay and you may find that not having the extra few days encourages you to fit more into each day.

Less Fine Dining, More Sight Seeing

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This means you’ll also find less costly ways to spend time in between days out or nights out. Search out areas of natural beauty and countryside stays. The hotels and other accommodation tend to demand less than in city breaks, so you can save on accommodation too while still having all the amenities you want, like a pool and spa. Usually it’s the more wealthy who can swan off to the real casino venues, but there are online options to save the trouble, time and expenses of going there. Land a few wins, and you can carry on reclining by the pool as the chips stack up

. You already paid for it, right?

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