Living out of your backpack and looking good doing it

Living out of your backpack and looking good doing it

One of the things that I love the most is to travel to new and interesting places. The problem, of course is that your wardrobe is limited to what you can pack. Just because you are backpacking in an exotic location is no excuse to look like a slob. You never know when somebody exotic might catch your eye, if you know what I mean. There are some things that you can do to make sure that you are looking your best while living out of your pack.

Tips for Dressing up While Living Out of a Backpack

1. Simple, eye catching accessories can make all the difference

A nice watch does more than tell time, it makes a statement. click here

to see Invicta watches with leather straps work great if you are in cooler climates.  A big necklace isn’t just something to hang around your neck, it is an attention-getter that can start conversations. You don’t have to go the full clock necklace like Flavor Flav, but a tasteful necklace can get you the right kind of attention. Don’t forget the sunglasses. Shades lend a little bit of mystery to you, and are nothing if not practical whether you are at the beach or ski slopes.

2. Have a look for day and another for the night

Keep a small bottle of hair gel to style your hair for the nightlife. You want to have a slick appearance when it comes time to party, not have that tousled and windburned look. Have a good cologne on hand, because backpacking can be sweaty work. Antiperspirant often isn’t enough to do the job and showering may be optional in some places. Have a second pair of shoes that you only wear to the clubs and restaurants. You don’t want to have a waiter toss you out for violating the dress code. Also if you go here

and check out the Gladiator Sandals you will find they are a great choice for warmer destinations.

3. Make room in your pack for a “night out” kit.

– Have at least one button-up dress shirt, because you can’t wear polo shirts all the time. Bold and colorful ones will make a better impression than whites or blacks. Have a clean pair of slacks or dress pants that you will not be wearing for travel or any other activity. Don’t forget a nice leather belt to go with them. Make sure that the shoes are in good condition by having a small polishing kit on hand. Even good looking shoes can earn frowns after being in a backpack all day. The shoes should be comfortable, but not what you would typically travel in.

4. Ditch the pack

It might go without saying, but a backpack should not be a part of your nighttime ensemble. For those times when you find the opportunity to group your gear, make sure that it is in a safe place. Fanny packs may be practical, but they are a fashion faux pax. Girls travel with a cut purse for their belongings, but as a guy the best you can do is a big wallet.

5. Manage you pack space efficiently

With all these items competing for space in your pack, you should invest in a vacuum packer to seal your clothes in plastic bags. This is good both as a space management tool and protects your clothes from the elements. Find the space for a travel iron and a mini ironing board. Once you get your night clothes out of storage you will definitely want to iron them. Wrinkles make the wrong impression. Make sure to tape down the switches of both items when they are packed. They get really hot when turned on. I found that one out the hard way.

Follow these tips and you will find as much adventure at night as you do during the day on your journey.

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Jason Bartoli

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