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Living In The Lap Of Luxury

Apartment hunting today can be overwhelming. There are so many complexes to choose from, each offering their own sets of amenities that are there purely to lure you into a contract. The buildings are well maintained, and you have a covered parking spot guaranteed. And that’s just the basic apartments. More and more luxury apartment complexes have been cropping up, and while they are more to rent per month, it would still be nice to say that you live in a luxury apartment right?

Luxury. Its a Bargain

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Here’s some food for thought next time you’re browsing the internet looking for the next place to call home. Think about the money you spend on activities, such as a gym membership, or even movies at a theater each month. What could you better spend that money on? How about groceries? Or that nice pair of shoes that you’ve been eyeing for months? With luxury apartment rent, you can treat yourself. Most luxury apartment complexes have a lot of extra amenities built into the rent, so you don’t have to worry about the gym bill coming in the mail anymore, because you can just head down the the gym in the complex and enjoy the same equipment and atmosphere.

How about dinner and swimming? Luxury apartments offer those amenities as well, free of charge because you simply live there. It’s quickly easy to see how much better it would be to live in a luxury apartment right? Of course, there is the whole budgeting money, what if rent raises, and the typical adult stress, but doing some easy math can help solve that.

A normal apartment can cost you say around $1,200 a month. And that just covers rent, parking spot, and maybe utilities. You still have to pay for the extracurricular activities, and maybe even garbage service. How quickly do those items add up? Multiple bills seem to be eating into the rent money don’t they?

Now look at a luxury apartment. While yes the rent is more per month

, in the long run you’re saving money with all the things that are added in. You don’t need to pay $30 for a gym membership anymore, and movie night is free downstairs, so you’re saving another $25-$40 there. With everything else that you save, you come out ahead, plus you live in a nicer complex that’s more maintained and can actually feel like home instead of wondering when you’re legally able to get out of your contract because you can’t stand the sound of your neighbors stomping around.

might be daunting to think about, especially if you’re just getting into the housing market, but they’re definitely worth looking into, even if you don’t think you can afford it. Make sure you find out what amenities they offer, then look at your monthly expenses. You might be surprised to find out that you can get better quality of life and be saving money.

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