Location Matters When You are Visiting Rome, Italy

Location Matters When You are Visiting Rome, Italy

Rome is a big city, so if it is your first time there, you want to stay close to the attractions. That sounds simple enough, but when you are vacationing outside the country, it is easy to get confused. What might seem like a perfect hotel in Rome

, Italy might actually be miles away from anything you want to see. Do you really want think its a good idea to be so far away from iconic sites and experiences like Italian opera houses? Use those Rome Opera Tickets

and don’t let them go to waste being so far away. So, what is the answer? Make it easy and look for lodging in key areas of the city.


What is the Piazza Navona?

If you are new to Rome, then you might not recognize the city square. Originally the home of the Stadium of Domitain, today the Piazza Navona

is the hub of Rome, Italy. In this piazza you will find:

Stabilimenti Spagnoli

Palazzo de Cupis

Sant’Agnese in Agone

The modern day Piazza Navona is where artists go to paint and street entertainers sit and play. More importantly, as a tourist you will be staying in a hotel that is centrally located and easy to find. You don’t want to be one of the lost tourists of Rome.

The piazza offers lodging for just about everyone and every budget. That is one of the reasons it is a great choice.

If You Can’t Stay in the Piazza Navona

If you are having trouble finding lodging that suits you in the Piazza Navona, try the Piazza Barberini instead. This large piazza is situated in the center of the city on the Quirinal Hill. Like the Piazza Navona, it puts you in close proximity to all the tourist sites you will want to see while visiting Rome.

In the center of the piazza is the Fontana del Tritone, for example. This sculpture is one of the most well known works by Italian 17th century artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini

. Staying in the Piazza Barberini puts you close to the orange metro line, too, if you want easy transport to other areas of the city.

Stay Close to Station Termini

If you are still having problems, keep one thing in mind when doing your research, book a hotel near Station Termini

, or Roma Termini. This is the main railway station in Rome and a connecting point to most of the city. Beside trains, it houses the major bus station, too. If you are close to Roma Termini, you can get almost anywhere in the city.

For example, Hotel Pulitzer Roma

is a reasonably priced, four-star hotel that sits near enough to the station. You can hop on a train and be at Roma Termini within minutes. The train near the hotel runs every five minutes. From there, you can go to the Pantheon or the Cimitero Monumentale del Verano.

Location, location, location, that is what you want to keep in mind when researching hotels in the city of Rome. The city covers almost 500 square miles. If you plan poorly, you will end up spending your time traveling to the places you want to see, instead of experiencing them. If you are headed to Rome, pick a hotel in one of these three areas and enjoy your vacation.

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