London on a Budget

London on a Budget


Having stayed in London for a few months, I can definitely attest to the possibility of enjoying it on a budget.

So it has become official that London is the most expensive tourist destination

. I won’t lie, London is quite expensive. However, if you’re traveling to London to see the sights, you don’t have to stretch your pockets all too much.


In the mornings, consider checking out the museums of London. I’ve never been the type to be a culture vulture, but London brought this out in me. London is full of world-class museums and galleries that are free to visit. You can spend your morning at the Victoria & Albert, and go straight to Natural History Museum right after, as it is just across the street. You can check out the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square that houses paintings by world-renowned artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Monet. There are so many other free museums in London

! All you have to do is do a quick research.


The London Bus Route 4 can give you a cheap sightseeing tour! The trip passes The House of Parliament on Westminster Abbey, Waterloo, Fleet Street and the famous St Paul’s Cathedral. London Bus Route 88 takes you from Camden to Clapham via some amazing highlights: Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Regent and Oxford Street, The Palace of Westminster and Tate Britain before it goes right through Thames. Getting on these buses are easy. All you need is an oyster card.

There are so many more free things to do and see in London. Even accommodations can be scrimped on if you really are a budget traveller, especially since they have a solid Couchsurfing community in this city. I’ve met so many of them and they are very friendly and accommodating.

If anything, all you’ll have to worry about is transportation, as it tends to get expensive. You can find the cheapest car hires in London

if you do your research, if you are not the type to commute. Commuting and walking around is a good part of the London experience, but if you are not in the condition or mood to walk, take a car, sit back and enjoy!

London has something for everyone and yes, that includes the traveller on a budget. Don’t let the cost of the trip hold you back. Plan it, do your research, and then just go for it! I will bet that you’ll surely love it.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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