Looking for an Adventure? Check Out the Famed ATV Destination of Hatfield-McCoy Trails

Looking for an Adventure? Check Out the Famed ATV Destination of Hatfield-McCoy Trails

While hiking on a trail to the mountains or camping out in dense woods would be enough of an excursion for most, there are those of us who want to spice up such trips with an added dash of adventure. These are the types of people that go hiking on a regular basis and seek for more challenges or ways to make these trips a bit more interesting.

Sharing horror stories around a campfire, playing a game of truth or dare, or taking a swim in a nearby lake under the moonlight are all good enough ways to spruce up such trips, but nothing really says “adventure” like a good old spin on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle).

Also called 4 wheelers, ATVs are known for not just providing a speedy form of transportation for off-road trails, but also for giving you that adrenaline rush as you take an open-air ride while being surrounded by nature.

So if you find yourself looking for travel and adventure, then investing into some all season motorcycle jackets and taking an ATV-based trip to the Hatfield-McCoy trails could prove to be a great idea.

Hatfield-McCoy TrailsLooking for an Adventure? Check Out the Famed ATV Destination of Hatfield-McCoy Trails

The Hatfield & McCoy feud is one of the most written about disputes in American history, with various historic and pop culture works being centered on the topic. That is why, it is no wonder that is these very same lands promise the same sense of goosebumps-inducing sensation that you get while familiarizing yourself about the clash of these two clans.

However, that sensation doesn’t have to come with a sense of macabre, since the Hatfield-McCoy Trails are nothing short of amazing on their own.

Located in West Virginia and spanning across a multitude of counties, the trails get their name due to their association with the lands where both of these families sparred for decades in the physical and proverbial sense. However, they offer far more than a glimpse into the explosive pasts of the Hatfields and McCoys.

The trails are surrounded by lush green lands that themselves are accentuated with rocky pathways, dense trees, and mud-adorned routes. Simply put, if you call yourself an adventurer, you’ve got to check them out.

But before you get too excited, that doesn’t mean that the trails are sprinkled around with finds such as Honda 4 wheeler parts from vehicles that roamed around in days gone by. While that would be a treasure if you ever found one, due to the cleanliness maintained at this location by its managerial committee, all that you would find are well cared-for lands that provide a safe environment for your ATV rides.

This also means that for better or for worse, from the minute you start your excursion onto the trails, you seem to forget about the associated history of the past century and instead get to enjoy the aesthetics that the lands have to offer in all their natural glory.

To go on this glorious trip, all that you need to do is to make your plans to visit West Virginia and hop on to an ATV.

Make sure that the ATV provider is someone you can trust and who does not try to take the easy way out from investing in easy necessities such as cheap ATV parts to maintain their ATVs to the utmost condition. By ensuring that you are hopping onto a well-maintained vehicle for the long and demanding trail, you can be confident in your safety and enjoy your ATV ride to the fullest.

Go hit the trails and have some fun.

Jason Bucowski
Jason Bucowski