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Magellan, Marco Polo….Me

I love living in the modern era of travel, where I can access my bank, Facebook, and email accounts from anywhere with an internet connection, which is, increasingly, everywhere.

That being said, I, like many other travelers, tend to romanticize the past, imagining what it must have been like to sail around the world and be the first outsider to visit a place. Of course, doing this is often silly, because instead of the swashbuckling adventures one imagines, most of these historical travelers we read about were probably pretty miserable, stuck on boats for months at a time, sucking on lemons to avoid scurvy, and getting lashes for disobeying orders.

Still, there’s something about the idea of sailing around the world that can’t help but start me daydreaming.

And now I’m day dreaming about a very specific and real cruise around the world possibility, because I have just found the modern, comfortable, and, quite frankly, awesome looking equivalent. Now anybody can sail around the world.

Holland American Cruises

offers a cruise called, fittingly enough, the World Cruise. It’s eighty-eight nights, and it looks amazing. (And just like pre-Columbian explorers, by “world” they mean Europe, Africa, and Asia.)

It starts in Southampton, then travels to Lisbon, heads south, then East through the straits of Gibraltar, then hits one spot after another on the north and south shores of the Mediterranean, including spots in Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, and Egypt before heading through the Suez Canal, hitting more spots in the Middle East, including Dubai, then traveling down the Indian Coast, stopping left and right in Southeast Asia, then heading back and stopping at more spots on the same route back to Southampton.


I imagine it’s quite tiring. You know, because having the time of your life for eighty eight days straight would take a lot of energy. I’m getting giddy just imagining it. I also imagine it’s probably the most cost-effective way to see the “old world,” or at least a pretty big chunk of it.

Not willing to go quite so far? Just want to check out the Mediterranean leg of the “World Cruise?” I would head over to Celebrity Cruises

, who have the whole Mediterranean trip down.


Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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