Making Plans for Jerusalem

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A few months ago I was given the task to plan a travel itinerary for Jerusalem

using Microsoft OneNote software to create a TripBook. I had just returned from a trip throughout Israel for a month

. I thought it would be a fun task since I had spent around a week of that time in Jerusalem. Along with 39 other travel bloggers, I created my own travel itinerary for the first time in five years. I’d encourage all of you to visit the other 39 travel itineraries at OneNote TripBook

What is a TripBook then? It’s pretty much the new standard for creating your own travel itinerary. For instance, in my TripBook I clearly lay out plans from sleeping arrangements and restaurant options, to things to see in 24 hours.

“If you’re coming to tour Jerusalem you will find this TripBook useful during your planning stages. Not only will the photos motivate you, but the practical ideas within will help you get a better feel for what you might experience. For some of the best sightseeing, dining, and sleeping recommendations, please read on.

All the information is arranged by tabs, which are easy and convenient to use.”

The process for creating my itinerary was not so daunting. Rather than just paste my travel ideas in an unorganized document I instead was able to create my own easy to follow travel guide. For one of the first times I wasn’t using Microsoft Office for school or work. It felt nice using Microsoft OneNote for pleasure. I want to highlight a couple features to demonstrate why this software be of use.

  • Inserting photos and text are simple. If you ever used PowerPoint, which you have of course, adding in text and photos is just a matter of inserting a text box anywhere in the document. You can click and drag the box to arrange the placement however you like.
  • The Draw feature is especially nice as you can add your own “handwritten”notes, whether its a quickly drawn arrow pointing to something important, or anything else for that matter.
  • The tabs feature allows me to easily organize my plans by categories such as dining, sleeping, etc. While creating and later viewing the document I can easily switch between pages to find the information I am looking for.

In the end I would recommend OneNote as a motivating way to create your travel itinerary. It makes the process of planning your travel seem all the more real as you produce a nice looking travel guide that could be mistaken for a real, published book.OneNote


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