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Maldives: Your Next Beach Holiday Destination

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the beach to beat winter’s unrelenting cold. Well, maybe not a trip to your local beach, especially if you plan on going anywhere near the water. But how about a trip to a beautiful island beach resort? Now that sounds more like it.

Let me introduce you to Maldives

, and a few awesome things to check out during your stay at the fabulous LUX* Maldives Resort

. Trust me, you’re going to want to check these out. You know, when you’re not too busy enjoying the white sands, temperate seas, and stunning views.



I honestly can’t think of a better place for a couple to steal away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Maldives is a great romantic getaway, and as we all know, you can’t have a great romantic holiday

without wine.

Now, as those of you who didn’t fail Introduction to Geography surely know, the Indian Ocean is quite far away from the famed vineyards of France. Fortunately you and your special someone will be able to enjoy the finer tastes of South Africa

. LUX* Resorts features Scrucap and Popcap, types of South African wine. Always available, always fresh, and ready for a night in.


Movies on the Beach

Yes, you read that correctly. Movies. On. The. Beach. Is there anything that sounds more relaxing and luxurious than that? If there is, I haven’t heard it yet. LUX* Resorts features an movie screen suspended above the shallow ocean water, where you and the family can sit and enjoy everything from new releases to cinematic classics. 


Island Kitchen

You won’t want to miss out on checking out the super-hip Island Kitchen. Which, yes, is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be able to try authentic and attractive local dishes during a vibrant, pop-up dining experience.

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