Mas De Quito

I am not sick any longer, despite my slanted bed!

I made it into work the following day. Instead of just calling all of the companies, i decided it would be more efficient to go door to door and make sure the companies still give member discounts. This also made it possible for me to try and sell each company advertising space on the website, magazine, or newsletter. A few people were interested.

I wanted to watch a movie that night but unfortunately, I walked into the lounge about 10 minutes too late because a German guy was already watching a German submarine movie that also happens to be four hours long. Even worse, he would not shut up. He must be the most annoying person i have met in Ecuador.

We rented a big moving truck and took it to the place where the club is storing a lot of things the next day to move everything back into the office. It was hard work putting everything in the truck(books, computers, peoples suitcases) , especially avoiding all of the dog poop that was strewn throughout the yard.

After unloading everything, I was somehow able to set up all of the computers and get them working and connected to the internet. Well, most of them do not actually work with the internet right now, but i am certain i did everything correctly.

That night, my co-workers and i went to a nice casino after I had mentioned that i went to a few in Guayaquil. We got some dinner first, and then took a cab to the casino where we loaded up on the free drinks and a few grilled cheese sandwiches. The three of them decided to put $5 in the slot machines and so I watched them for a while. I had my heart set on playing blackjack at one of the tables. It was a lot of fun playing, even if i did lose $30. No regrets though. We have plans to go back next week too.

I got back to my hostel around 11, and decided i still had some energy to burn off. What better way than to do work, right? I made my way to Papayanet, a hip internet cafe/bar a block away from my hostel. I met a few beautiful Ecuadorian girls while I was trying to work and together we went out dancing instead. Another guy at the internet cafe overheard our conversation, and so he tagged along too. A perfect wingman. He was a nice guy from Chicago who is in Quito teaching salsa. Anyways, i had a really great time and I will definitely be calling Ema when I get back to Quito next week

That brings me to today, which was hard getting up after being out until 4 am. Its strange how my internal clock has been working so well since in Ecuador. I always wake up just in time to get showered and to work. However, i never know what time it is when i wake up so its a pain getting down from the top bunk and checking the clock downstairs, then realizing i can sleep for another 30 minutes. I got a watch today, so no more of that.

Today was extremely slow at work. I went out to businesses again until noon which was fine. However, i had little to do for the next four hours when I got back. I did, however, design and post the movie day posters for the movie day i created to attract more visitors.

After work, i had my first Spanish lesson here in Ecuador. I had decided that I would regret not taking free Spanish lessons while I am here. The lesson went well, and I can already feel my spanish improving. It better, with two, two-hour lessons each week.

After the lesson, I got some falafals at the Magic Bean and listened to a typical Andean band playing a live show.

I was supposed to take a bus to Atacames (a beach) tonight and meet Harry and a few Ecuadorian friends we met, but decided against it at the last minute. Its a national holiday this weekend, so the beach is incredibly crowded and i heard there will be awful traffic.

Instead, i decided i will go to Mindo (a cloud forest) tomorrow. The next day I will take another bus to the Otavalo market (think the biggest outdoor market you can imagine and you are not even close) on Saturday. I will probably head back to Quito on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Jason Bartoli

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