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Medellin in December


December is an important time in Colombia with celebration after celebration. On December 1st for instance, many go out to a disco to celebrate…well, December. On that weeknight the clubs were packed and loads of fireworks were set off at midnight.

Continuing with that theme another random day of the week the city of Medellin celebrates turning on the city’s Christmas lights, which you will see in the video. Suddenly the complicated christmas display throughout the city and along the river become illuminated.

On December 7th families light candles in honor of the Virgin Mary. It is celebrated with a display of lights as each home will light approximately 100 candles on the curb and sidewalk area. City streets and parks are illuminated with large Christmas lights as well.

From December 16th through December 24th, families will up the celebrations by getting together to enjoy Nativity scenes to pray and sing carols in the Novena.

On Christmas Eve family members and neighbors gather for a barbecue, drink, and dance. At midnight presents are exchanged and the drinking continues until people pass out. In my case I celebrated with a friend’s family till 5AM but they kept going till 11AM.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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