Fake Touristy Towns Are Better Than Real Pueblos Anyday

You heard me right. I think I prefer Medellin’s Pueblito Paisa more than most real towns, at least during December. It’s built on Nutibara  hill in the center of Medellin as a representation of a typical pueblo found throughout the Antioquia department. It’s filled with souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants serving typical Paisa food like the Bandeja Paisa meal. It’s completely cliche but nice to visit none the less.

The most popular place to celebrate pre-christmas as you would guess is Pueblito Paisa. Not only is it decked to the max with christmassy stuff but its protected even more. Many soldiers have big guns so in reality its the unarmed gringo you should really be afraid of. Who knows what that guy is capable of?

Entering the fake church you will find the most absurd things happening like a Jewish gringo giving a sermon to Colombian Catholics.

Walk a step outside and try Natilla, Colombia’s poor excuse for dessert. To be honest though, it does taste alright. A win for Colombian food


All thoughout this fake town there are fake Motaneras A.K.A. uneducated rural people having a good time.

The guy in the grey shirt is the montanera, by the way.

In Colombia they don’t believe that Santa Claus is a fat old man with a grey beard. Instead they believe in the more ridiculous idea of Santa being a little girl with a long white beard. Silly Colombians. Oh, and here is the Colombian Santa.

This is a chiva


Downtown Pueblita Paisa

In the general store you can buy candy apples, fried pork rinds, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Pueblito Paisa is well known for its lookout point up above where they also decorate with some serious Christmas lights.

A view of the city from Pueblito Paisa

More Christmas lights

Gingerbread people and candy canes

The parking lot is even pretty special

View of the mock town

And a snack for when you leave A.K.A. diarrhea.

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