Mediterranean Islands Are Going to be the Death of Me


is a hard place to nail down. It’s a tourist spot, for sure. It’s also pretty expensive, especially if you want to experience the famous Ibiza nightlife

. But it’s also a sort of weird hippy enclave with British hippies holding markets where you can buy any variety of incense or sea glass that you could possibly imagine. It’s a popular place to get married, and there are hotels that defy all sense of moderation with yachts that defy all sense of economic reality parked out front. But it’s also a place with magic secret coves only the locals know about. It’s a place that has clung to its Catalan identity, but where everybody speaks English. It’s a great place to visit, because Ibiza manages to have its cake and it eat too.

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. It’s a small island, only about 42 km across. There are gorgeous beaches everywhere, as I have learned to expect from pretty much all Mediterranean islands. There’s a rock off the coast called Es Vedra which has been part of myth and legend from Homer to today’s UFO hunters. (It’s incredibly magnetic, one of the most magnetic spots on Earth.) But the weirdest life forms I saw on Ibiza came out in the clubs at night.

I am not one to pay a lot to get into clubs. There are clubs on Ibiza, world famous clubs like Pacha and Space Nightclub, that have 50 euro covers. That’s right. But my god do these people know how to party. I’ve mentioned some party scenes, especially on Mediterranean islands, that have blown my mind before. Forget all of those places. It just can’t get any crazier than Ibiza. I couldn’t handle anything crazier than Ibiza.

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