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How to Meet a Girl if You Are New in Town

This article will be useful to frequent travelers. If you often find yourself lonely in a new place, it might be a nice idea to familiarize with the city and, consequently, find a pretty girl. However, meeting opposite sex in a new place may appear a bit tricky. Our good friends from Maria Dating Site

helped us to point out the most appropriate tips to meeting a girl in a new city.

  1. Get familiar with the city. Discovering new places is always a lot of fun. For sure, before meeting the citizens, you should better take a prolonged trip through the city to learn it better, especially if you are not keen on local language and routes. You will need a map (which is not a trouble if you have a smartphone with a local number and at least 3G Internet connection) and an entire day to visit the most interesting, and noteworthy places.
  2. Learn more about local people and traditions. Meeting a girl is the same as getting acquainted with the society itself. Therefore, you need to be aware of native norms, traditions, backroom rules etc. Some countries and regions have rather strict rules related to sexual behavior and romantic acquaintances. And you know how they say – when in Rome, do as the Romans do. English is ubiquitously popular so you might not have troubles with communication. Nevertheless, local people will be pleasantly surprised if you learn some basics of their language.
  3. Get a guide. Having someone to show you places is unbelievably convenient. On one hand, you will get used to the city much sooner. On the other hand, residents can help you meet other people so that you will not have to deal with awkwardness or shyness. Moreover, a proper guide will get you familiar with upcoming events and popular spots.
  4. Use geolocation-based dating applications. The modern world is filled with fascinating technologies. Nothing helps frequent travelers better than geolocation-based social apps, which also include dating services. With the help of such applications, you can someone in the city you are currently in. People there are often friendly and cheerful; moreover, women that live in big tourist destinations (e.g. Budapest, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New-York City) are always happy to help you with exploring the city. In this case, you can make twice as much from the time you spend with them – get familiar with the city and simultaneously meet a woman for dating and love. Stay away from apps for sex dates. Girls using these applications are not willing to walk around all day
  5. Do not stick to bars and clubs only. Men repeatedly make a general mistake. They suggest restaurants and bars are the best places to meet a new girl whereas many other spots can work better for this purpose. Women commonly visit these places alone or in groups aiming to find something different from what you have to offer. That is why you should try department stores, libraries, coffee shops, and similar locations. Chances are that you would likely meet a decent girl there. However, make sure you don’t act like a creep.
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Jason Bartoli

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