Mi Despedida – My Going Away Party

A Despedida is a going away party. Yes, I was going away. My semester at the Universidad de Belgrano had ended (in June) and my travels were going to continue.
My last night, fortunetely a Saturday, meant we were going to the mega club Pacha. It’s a franchise with clubs in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, New York City, etc. that hires some of the most famous DJ’s in the world. I had gone to Pacha my first saturday night in Buenos Aires back in February so it was only fitting I would go on my last night in June.

In February I paid 60 pesos entrance, but nothing this time thanks to my well connected owner of the hostel. A bunch of us from the hostel (10+) and some of my American friends came out and it was really a great time.

Me with some of my American buddies.

Check out the guy in the background wearing all white 🙂

My Brazilian buddy Alex enjoying himself as always. It’s one thing I really admired about him. He would have a blast no matter where he went. Whether alone or with friends, it did not matter.

And my other buddy Pedro from Mexico. He was always smooth with the ladies but for this time I managed to steal that cute Argentine away from him!

Here is Alex whispering in my ear, challenging me to go dance up on the platform.

Followed by be dragging two beautiful Argentine girls up with me.

Can you say…ladies man?

I think so!

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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