More Partying In Quito, Papallacta Again, Partying in Quito…Again

I joined my buddies Nadith and Michael from Bangladesh and Holland to a dance club on friday. Before going, we built a fire and relaxed for bit . At about 9:30 or so we walked across the street to where the club is located and were immediately shown to the VIP section 🙂 Once upstairs, we just hung out for a bit until I decided to take advantage of our situation and invited a few girls up there to hang out with us. It turned out to be a good idea because I met a pretty girl named Gaby who i talked to and danced with until 2, when she and her friend left.

I met a few more girls afterward, and we did not leave until about 4 or 5 am, when we went to the nicest 24/7 diner i have seen in the world. The omelet i ordered tasted especially well after not eating anything for such a long time.

I obviously slept for a while the next day, and decided to skip the jungle in Tena because of that. So instead of taking a bus to the jungle, we went out to the same place that night. It was not nearly as fun as friday, but was still a decent time. On Sunday, i went by myself to Parque Carolina for the afternoon. It was pretty interesting. I watched a huge aerobics class full of old men and women, kids, ect. that danced to techno music in the sunshine. It was a sight to see and i have a nice video of it all. I wandered around the park for a while and watched some soccer and ate some cotton candy for $.50.

I then randomly made my way to a mall that was situated near the park and got and got an amazing fish platter in the food court. After eating, i met up with my friends to play some pool back at my hostel.

The next day, Nadith, Jonas, and I took a bus to Papallacta (hot springs). I had arranged some private transportation for us the night before but they ended up canceling it right before we were to leave. Nadith and I got to Papallacta a few hours later (Jonas stayed on the bus to go hiking in some town further along the way). The first thing we did was go to the hostel i stayed at the week before to see if they had my mp3 player that I had left there, which they didn’t.

The hot springs was uphill, a few miles away from the hostel. Nadith and I decided to try and walk it, until we got to a restaurant, where we decided to get some lunch. I got a huge plate of trout, french fries, rice, soup, and hand squeezed fruit juice for $3.80.

We continued to walk on the road after lunch, until we saw a car that finally stopped for us. We scrunched into his pickup truck and he drove us the rest of the way to the hot springs. Nadith and I spent the next five hours relaxing in the pools. I ended up seeing the owner of the hostel that I stay at in Quito at the springs which was a strange coincidence. It was hard getting out of the pools because it was absolutely freezing outside. After getting back into our dry clothes, we walked downhill for a bit until we reached the main road. We got some snacks in the same restaurant and then waited on the side of the road for nearly an hour until a bus going to Quito picked us up.

Back in Quito, we went to a nice Japanese restaurant with our friend Michael, where I got some sushi. I believe we played some more pool afterward, but i went to bed early.

I suppose that brings me to Tuesday, where i do not believe i really did anything noteworthy. I did run into an Ecuadorian guy near my hostel, who i had hung out with for a bit in Atacames.

Yesterday was a lot of fun though. It was a busy day at work, which was a nice change of pace. I gave advice to lots of travelers and worked on some marketing stuff. After work, i got some dinner from G-spot, which makes incredible sandwiches for a cheap price. I met a lot more people back at my hostel that night, and had a really good time. At about 11:30, i herded everyone out of the hostel to a club called Bungalow 6. I danced for a while and ran into a bunch of people i knew, including a lot of my co-workers, the guy from the beach again, Adam (who i was supposed to go to the jungle with), and a lot of members from the club. I ended up going back home at 2am.

I will probably go out again tonight, the next night, and the night after:) It will be a busy weekend. I am also running the club alone on Saturday, which probably means I’ll be free to browse the internet all day while i help the few people who come in. I was going to stay in Quito again this weekend, so its good I’ll be working, since i will have Tuesday off instead.

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