Motivating The Youth To Volunteer: What Does It Take?

These days it seems more and more young people are giving back to society. takes a look at what motivates these amazing youngsters and what inspires them to help and act.


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The Peer Pressures of Volunteering

Studies have found that one of the driving forces to youngsters volunteering is actually peer pressure. Young people want friends; they want acceptance and this is what influences their volunteering habits. In fact, it is the peer pressure that seems to count for me than a person actually wanting to help their community or allowing certain issues to be a driving force.

What Influences Young Volunteers to Join

What different influences encourage youngsters to volunteer? One force is religion

. Many religious youths will strive to follow the values of their religion and community and to share these values amongst the communities they volunteer in. They have a drive to help others be the best they can be.

Voluntary motivation, though, can come in a variety of forms. Culture is another big factor. Many youth have found that their schooling, and the teachers they interacted with, are a big influence in their want to volunteer. Once they leave school, those students feel the need to create the warm, giving culture they experienced during their schooling.


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Being the Innovator

While peer pressure plays a big role in becoming a volunteer, there are those who join

as innovators – those youth whose passion has been fuelled by social issues and those who wish to play an important role in improving circumstances, services and lives.

For Others, It’s Inspiration

Besides the above points, there are many influences as to why youth choose to volunteer. Apart from family and peer pressures, faith and tradition drive youngsters to volunteer as does the drive by those who have enjoyed good fortune to repay their luck. It seems there are those who simply have an innate need to create a better world when they join

Here’s another factor: every group need a leader

, doesn’t it? And there are those youngsters who have an inherent knack of driving others to make a change. It is these volunteers, along with their peers, who are the inspirations and influencers. It is those volunteers who will reach out to their peer groups and communities to get involved and become active change-makers.

It seems agreed that there is a wide variety of influencers that drive volunteers. But the most important aspect is the youngster’s ability to inspire his or herself to give back to others. Without that driving force, chances are they wouldn’t even bother volunteering. Youngsters see where there are opportunities to make a difference; to be innovative; and they want to act on that. So it’s important that communities offer them the tools that enable and empower them to act on their desires.

Those who have encouraged their peers to join them on volunteering missions are proud of their accomplishments. And this usually encourages youngsters to carry on with their missions. But it’s important that the youth have a passion to help and give back. Without that fire and determination, they will find it very difficult to remain committed.


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