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Move Over WorldNomads, I Use Trip Insurance Now

I traveled all over America’s southern neighbor recently, flying across Mexico multiple times over the course of a month. I flew from Cancun to Mexico City, from Mexico City to Acapulco, from Acapulco to Puerto Vallarta, and from Puerto Vallarta back to Mexico City. Then back home. Needless to say, there were lots of connecting flights, trains, and schedules to manage. There was also enough Tequila to make sure I missed at least one flight. Devastating right? When you miss your flight your whole plan gets screwed up and you have to pay for a new ticket, since “I was too hung over to get to the airport” isn’t really an excuse that elicits the pity of airline agents.

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Thank god for Trip Insurance. Thanks to them, I’ve realized how comprehensive and easy trip insurance can be. I used to think that trip insurance was only good for complete disasters, like needing an appendix out, or getting robbed.

It turns out that they offer three different packages (simply called good, better, and best) and they all serve to cure all sorts of little logistical headaches. You can get a quote right away on their website. And it’s cheaper than the usual travel insurance, because they cut out the middleman and offer direct to consumer rates. They also have 24/7 support, which I was very thankful for in case anything happened (thankfully nothing did).

These are the plans offered

File A New Claim

Most customers prefer the convenience of filing the claim form online. If you’d prefer to call us and file the claim over the phone, please call toll free: 877-219-8169. If you’re outside the USA or Canada, and need travel assistance or help with a claim, call: 603-328-1908.

Claims for individuals and family members living in the same household may be reported online together. Family members living in different households, unrelated individuals or traveling companions must report their claims separately. In order to report your claim(s) online, you’ll need the following information:

  1. Your Plan Number which is found in the Plan Certificate;
  2. The departure and return dates of your scheduled trip;
  3. If you booked through a travel agency – the agent’s name, address, & phone number
  4. Depending upon the type of claim(s) you’re reporting, see the additional documentation that may be required listed below.

My trip to Mexico was uneventful. Nothing bad happened. It is hard to gather the full picture on a travel insurance company without having to make a claim myself. That is why I turned to another blogger who did need to file a claim. This service was really important when she filed a reimbursement claim for travel delay benefits. When she missed her flight, not only did my travel insurance reimburse her for the flight she missed, but they paid for all of the overpriced airport food she ate for the six hours she was laid over. This also means that if you miss your flight in Mexico or Japan, and you see a pretty young Senorita or Geisha in the airport bar, you can buy her a drink. And the bartender can go over and deliver a margarita, and say (in Spanish or Japanese) “See the gentleman at the end of the bar? This is from his trip insurance.”

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