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Before I found Redemption

Moving Day

I work at a company that entitles me to set up manufacturing factories around the country. My job leads me to move every 6 or so months to set up new factories and get them started. Quite honestly, moving around for the first two years was the bane of my life. It was just my wife and I in those first years and we loved to travel but absolutely loathed the actual moving process.

Everything about it irks me. The worst part of it all was driving. We would spend a couple of hours getting a good workout by moving boxes into a U-haul truck. We then pile into the truck – sweaty and tired – to endure a dozen of hours driving to our new home. Once we arrive, we still had to move our items out and unpack it before we could finally rest. Overtime, my wife and I just carried less stuff and opted to buy used furniture that we could chuck out when it was time to move again.

Something’s Gotta Give

After getting the hang of moving the first few times, we enjoyed bouncing around state to state, until we had our first son and all of that changed. Moving ourselves was no big deal but with a baby, I didn’t think I could keep my job. I was nearing the end of my setup in North Carolina and knew that we would be moving again soon in a little over a month. As I sat down to do the math one night, I estimated about two truckloads of baby related items apart from my wife and I’s belongings. To repurchase everything would be insanity. However, the alternative of moving everything with an infant was out of the question too.

For anyone making a big move with a family, I suggest looking at this guide

. It has given me a lot of good pointers that I hadn’t even thought about.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

It was the last two days before my reassignment in Wisconsin. My boss and I had a conference call about the new project when I expressed my concerns about the move. He suggested looking into cross country moving companies

. I knew about the ‘do-it-yourself’ U-Haul rentals but I had no idea there were companies that would do it all for you. Soon enough I had found this company and I wish I had known about them from the start.

Moving now is just effortless, like a dream come true. My wife happily packages our belongings in boxes and only takes about a day to do so. Now I can spend my time finishing up my last set up and finalizing staff arrangements instead of planning my move and I don’t have to miss a day of work or get delayed to my next setup project. I have more time to look for my new residence and to handle all the paperwork that it entails.


No more grief, headaches, or stressful situations that come with moving. I can smile knowing that I won’t have heavy furniture to lift, boxes to place, a tedious truck to drive in traffic and less chance of breaking my belongings. There’s a team that handles all of that for me while I can attend to my family and my job. The move goes so much faster and more efficient than I thought was even possible. I will never go back to moving my own things again knowing how happy it makes me to have that all secured for me.

There’s no stress and no mess to deal with. My wife loves that everything leaves and arrives organized. It helps her to settle in much faster and more pleasantly. She now spends most of her time looking at Martha Stewart’s tips

for packing ideas than actually packing. This service has been a godsend. Now I think I’ll look into getting a nanny for my boy so that my wife and I can finally get some sleep!

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