Music, Art, Food, and Sex in London's Soho

London’s Soho houses some of the city’s cultural centers, art galleries, advertising agencies, and hotels. More interesting are the characters you can find roaming the sex shop filled streets or eccentric coffee shops. Over the decades it has become a high end but still unique  area of ??central London reachable by Oxford Street, Shaftesbury Avenue south, east of Charing Cross Road and west of Regent Street. Take a walk along its main road, Old Compton Street for some fun observations.

A twenty-something hipster drinking his cofeee

We made our way over from nearby Picadilly Circus as daily street action was winding down. Vendors were closing up flower shops and the pubs were growing crowded,

Soho closing up its shops

By far the best reason to visit it to people watch.

Old man lighting up

The sex shops are also great for browsing and being told the benefits of Kamagra gel from a creepy sex shop salesman.

Viagra for sale

I could walk around all night checking out the advertisements. Such poetry.

Sex shop poetry

Soho is a must see in London for its blurring of boundaries – music, art, food, and sex on the high end.

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