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My Failed TV Pilot (Kidding…sort of)

On September 20, 2007, I received an order for Helmut Lang – Cuiron cologne from my eCommerce store. The cologne was out of stock but I didn’t want his $226.67 to go to waste.

Instead I called the customer to see whether a different sized cologne bottle might be an acceptable substitute.

Hello Jeffrey, this is Jason from (Company Name). I am calling about your recent order for…….blah blah.

As always I tried to represent my company formally but after settling the order a minute later he could sense that my company was probably a little more informal than I was trying to represent. It was at that point that he asked me about my company.

Are you the only one running it?


He was interested so I gave him a little background that I was 19, a freshman in university. I ran this and a few other businesses on the side. Once school was out I continued to work but used the money to go travel.

He interrupted me and said that I had given him a great idea for a new TV show. He thought it would be cool to profile a few young entrepreneurs. That’s when he told me he was a Hollywood producer

having played a big role in producing Ally McBeal, The Practice, and a few more. He also acted as the Hendricks character in Jaws.

Jeffrey told me that he would seriously think about this idea but in the meantime to send him some more detailed information about myself. I emailed him right away and he thanked me by email a few days  later.

I followed-up on the TV show idea a few weeks later but never heard from him again.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

"Jason is the best person you'll ever meet here. He's just a ray of sunshine. An adventurer, businessman, and has a 4.9 Uber rating. Lovely person inside and out. I say, go message him" - My Mom

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