My Motorcycle Diaries: Part 1

It must have been midnight when I casually whined to my Brazilian friend Alexandre that I haven’t really been anywhere in Argentina.

“Well, where are you thinking about going” -Alexandre

“I hear Cordoba is a pretty nice city. I think that’s where i’d like to go first next time I leave Buenos Aires” -me

Some background information on Cordoba. It’s a 10 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires which means it’s even less time on a moto in theory. “It’s second largest city in Argentina

, with about 2 million inhabitants surrounded by valleys, formed up by three main mountain groups. It is known for the colonial buildings in the center as well as for the beautiful hills in the surroundings.

The city is called La Docta because of the many universities and scientific institutes. Around 200.000 people study here, which makes the city one of those with the youngest and liveliest appearance in South America. There is much cultural and night life, above all in the Güemes and Alta Córdoba areas and in the red light district, the Ex Abasto, called so because until 1990 there used to be a huge market area (Mercado de Abasto, now in the city outskirts).”

“Let’s ride my moto there tomorrow afternoon” -Alexandre

“Yeah, let’s do that” -me

I went to bed after that short conversation pretty excited for my first long distance motorcycle trip. I have done all of the big adventure activities including skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. But it’s riding on the back of a motorcycle that makes me most nervous. I think it’s the lack of control. One wrong move and i’ll fly off the back of the moto probably to never walk again.

I know i’m being over dramatic but that’s just what makes me nervous.

After coming back from my weekly internship at midday I found Alexandre in the bedroom quickly packing his stuff. I did the same and within 30. min. we were out the door loading our stuff on the moto.

These are the only two pictures of me on the front of the moto that you will ever find of me. Alexandre drove the entire time. And after completing this trip I don’t think i’ll ever have the desire to drive one again.

This is just the beginning. Check the blog later this week for rest!

Jason Bartoli

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