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My New Favorite Place to Bar Hop

Malta is a tiny island country. I mean, really tiny, about 316 sq km. You can take a bus across the main island for little more than a Euro. So although there are great tourist sights for people who like to go look at stuff built a long time ago (Clapham Junction, where you can see some ancient wheel ruts and tombs, as well as some troglodite fossils—not from the same era, obviously), as well as some really beautiful beaches and rocky shorelines (check out the Blue Grotto), an island this small is attracting this many people not just for beaches and old architecture. You can find that in a lot of places on the Mediterranean. Malta is special because Malta knows how to party.

Lots of places, especially in Europe, claim to be a great party destination, claim to party all night, etc, etc. It’s sometimes hard to tell how much the Maltese party vs. how much the Maltese have created a perfect environment for people from everywhere else to come and party, but either way, in places like Paceville and St. Julian’s, the distinction between weekend and weekday seems especially blurry, as does the distinction between night and morning.

For the English speaking traveler, Malta is great because pretty much everyone speaks English. Still, it isn’t a bad idea to try and learn a little Maltese, as the Maltese (like people everywhere) appreciate you trying a little bit of their language, especially when they and you both know you could jump right into English and you would be able to understand each other just fine. Another reason Malta is amazing is that there are no cover charges. And when I say no cover charges, I don’t just mean most places, or the less impressive of Malta’s amazing nightspots. I mean that some of the best clubs and bars I have ever seen where free to get into. (Granted, drinks are a bit expensive, but not crazy). These places are packed seven days a week. A walk around Paceville will lead you to plenty of great bars, (I admit I didn’t make it everywhere, a fact that allows me to continue my life with functioning liver) but here are a few of my favorites.

First of all, if you like R and B, Soul or Hip Hop you have to check out Havana’s. One of the most fun clubs I’ve ever been to, and I have to say, I’m not really a club goer. Although clubbing in Malta

is not like anywhere else. But this place had simply great music and a great mix, with 60’s soul effortlessly flowing into mid-90’s hip hop. Two stories, six bars, packed and bumping all night. (They have really good air conditioning too, I noticed).

For a more laid back, stylish time, try Bar Celona Lounge. (That is actually how it is spelled.) It’s a super trendy cocktail lounge in Paceville and is a great place for drinks to start the night. Weekends can get bumping with live bands, and super sexual music. But you can find that lots of places. Go on Wednesday nights for a fashion/model night, where beautiful models parade around in all sorts of crazy fashions while the usual catwalk crowd of buyers and designers watch and act bored. A cool thing to see if you, like me, have never had any exposure to the fashion world.

I could go on and on. The real point I want to get across though, is that this might be the best place for bar hopping in the world. Malta bars

are crazy fun and bumping every night, with every style of music you could want all within walking distance and no cover charges, so you never feel like you have to stay somewhere to get your money’s worth. That being said, just about everywhere is a place you could spend all night. Better plan for a week’s stay (and a week of recovery time).

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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