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My Take on Harrods

The tube, London Eye, Tower of London, and Harrods. Two of those places are legitimate tourist attractions. The tube is for some reason the world’s most famous transportation system. And well Harrods is a department store that somehow became a must see in London.

I first visited Harrods department store on a family vacation many years ago. All I remember were the comfy sofas I would sit on as I waited for my sisters to finish shopping. This time around things were different.


Like walking through a market in Bangladesh

my eyes were attracted to the oddities. Hence the photo I took of this $32,000 dollar pool table. It’s beautiful, really.

I did sneak a peak at the men’s fashion downstairs. If dressing well is your pastime you should not miss the shops. A lot it is high end and expensive with very few sales. Just the way a Locationless living entrepreneur should like it. I’m all set with clothes at the moment after a little shopping spree at Westfield mall.

I quickly moved on to the famous food section.

If your hungry for something more than pastries Harrods has a few other sit down options like their sushi bar.

Otherwise their deli section is nice if you want to buy some food for the home. Add seafood section to that too with these eye dropping displays.


Goose liver anyone?

How to Get There:

Harrods Department Store is literally connected to Knightsbridge tube station. Get off the tube Piccadilly Line at the Knightsbridge station.

Some Background:

The high end department store has a long history, originally opened in 1824 by 25-year-old, Charles Henry Harrod, Harrods has changed owners five times since. Harrods is currently owned by Qatar Holdings, prior to that, the store was owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed whose late son, Dodi Al-Fayed was Princess Diana’s lover. A Dodi and Diana memorial can still be seen at Harrods today.

Looks like I have two more years to beat Charles Harrod’s income.

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Jason Bartoli

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