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No Shit, Sherlock!

Just like my visit to Abbey Road I had little previous knowledge or interest in Sherlock Holmes. But since we were already on Baker Street and I was with friends we visited 221 Baker Street. The Sherlock Holmes Museum

is a privately-run museum in London, dedicated to a fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. Of course it would have to be private! The museum opened in 1990 and is found on Baker Street, with the number 221b.

At this address we entered the Sherlock Holmes gift shop to play around. I want to thank  Sottish-born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, because without  you, we may have wasted an hour of our lives somewhere else. We couldn’t see ourselves forking over any money to enter a museum of someone we did not care much about. But the free to enter gift shop is great!

I believe you will find much in the museum that you can’t find in the gift shop, being that Holmes is fictional. If anyone out there reading is hungry for a new bestselling book idea, listen carefully. Travel the world visiting interesting gift shops and document your experience. I am certain that if done well you’ll be set for life. It sounds ridiculous but its the kind of idea that could really work.

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Jason Bartoli

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