On the Scottish Border in Northumberland

If you really want to get that Medieval feel while visiting the UK, then you might want to check out Northumberland. It’s the northernmost county in England, resting on the Scottish border with an eastern coastline. It’s the high moorlands, which is a favorite for landscape painters and competitors in whimsically antiquated sporting events (Wife carrying? Log tossing? Anyone?).  The landscape is beautiful and mostly untouched as much of the area is a national park.

Here’s why it feels so damn medieval: First of all, the name. Northumberland. Awesome. Secondly, it has more castles then anywhere else in England because Northumberland is located between England and Scotland, and as a result has been the location of lots of battles that I can only imagine were between knights and blue face paint wearing guys with kilts. There’s even an 80 mile wall stretch of wall along the Scottish border that is like the great wall of china, except only merely good and not in China. Northumberland is also the most sparsely populated county in England, with only 62 people per square kilometer. There are many great towns to see as well, including Berwick-upon-tweed, which sounds like a college professor’s clothing supplier.


Northumberland is a huge area to explore, and that’s the best part about it: the way it practically begs to be explored. Stay clear of maps. Grab yourself a home base and explore this strangely magical region. Northumberland Cottages

are a good option, or you can get a Hexham accommodation

and then make your way North.

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