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Your Online Holiday

With the Internet becoming a huge part of lives, we now do everything online. From food shopping, to ordering flowers, buying clothes, to renting films, our lives are virtual to a huge degree. With this in mind, it makes sense that our holiday plans are also going computer-based, and many of us now don’t even leave the comfort of our sofa when we book a holiday. Gone are the days when we all used to trudge down to the Travel Agents’, clutching arm fulls of holiday brochures, ready to sit down and pour over offers for hours, before deciding on our destination.

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Of course, if you still prefer to go down this route you can, with the safety net of an actual person to go and see if you run into problems or have questions to ask, but you’ll often find you pay more. If however, you embrace the internet for holiday searches, you’ll not only save money but you’ll find that every part of your holiday booking is only a click away. From the holiday itself, to travel insurance, airport parking

to lounges at the airport.

Remember one thing though – always book with a reputable company, and check the ABTA and ATOL protection, just in case something should go wrong. These days more and more companies are going bust, and this isn’t just online companies, its stores on the street too, so it’s just common sense to protection yourself.

So you’ve found a deal, you go through all the steps, and you press ‘book’. What happens next?

Well exactly the same as what would happen if you booked in a store – most of the time you’ll pay in full at the time of booking, but there are many companies that will let you pay a deposit when you book, and then pay up the rest of the balance nearer the time – usually around 12 weeks before departure. Easy!

I prefer the convenience of booking online, because I find it more relaxing. I can sit in my own surroundings, with a cup of coffee and really look at where I’m booking, checking out reviews before deciding, which is of often something you don’t get to do when you visit a store to book.

When you have decided on your destination, check out the extras available to enhance your travel plans, such as your parking at the airport. I always drive myself to the airport as it’s often cheaper and more convenient than the other options. Check out Gatwick parking with BCP, I’ve used their services before and definitely recommend them.

Don’t be afraid of embracing digital holiday booking, believe me, the advantages far outweigh any negatives.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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