Outdoor Activities That Will Make Your Honolulu Vacation the Best

Outdoor Activities That Will Make Your Honolulu Vacation the Best


There are dozens of beautiful hotels in Honolulu

, but that doesn’t mean you should spend your vacation hanging out inside a nice room. Honolulu is all about getting outside and enjoying the island’s natural wonder. Whether you prefer swimming in the ocean or climbing a mountain, you will find something fun in Honolulu.

Snorkel in Hanauma Bay


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Hanauma Bay’s clear waters and diverse wildlife make it a wonderful place for snorkeling. The area has been designated a Marine Life Conservation District, so it has some protections that help indigenous species thrive.

Some of the animals you may see while snorkeling in Hanauma Bay include:

  • Green sea turtles
  • Needlenose fish
  • Pufferfish
  • Octopi

The area also has several species of coral that look amazing once you go underwater. Find a guide to make the most of your snorkeling experience. Some parts of the Bay have more animals than others.

Learn to Surf in Waikiki


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Waikiki has been a surfer destination for over 200 years. Even Hawaiian royalty used to visit the white sand beach to tackle waves on their longboards. Today, you can find all manner of surfing styles in Waikiki. There are also plenty of instructors who will teach you how to get started safely.

If you’re uncertain who to ask, talk to your hotel’s concierge. He or she should know a good instructor who charges a fair price for lessons.

Waikiki is one of the most popular areas of Honolulu. If you want to keep your vacation as affordable as possible, consider staying at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach. It’s one of the best hotels in the area with rates under $150.

If you want to splurge, book a room at Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk

, where rates start around $450.

Hike Diamond Head


Photo by Shannie Corral via Trover.com

Diamond Head is a volcanic cone, although it pretty much looks like a flattened mountain to most mainland visitors. Starting at the base in Waikiki, the .75-mile Diamond Head trail will take you to crater’s rim. It’s not a very difficult hike, but it does have some unpaved sections.

The park closes at 6:00, but you can’t start the hike after 4:30 since it takes about two hours to make a round trip.

Bring a water bottle and fill it up at the trail head’s restroom. It’s the only reliable source of water on the trail.

Explore the City

Everyone knows that Honolulu has become a tourist attraction. That doesn’t mean the native culture has been wiped away, though. Exploring the city can introduce you to new foods, clothing styles, and artwork that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you have a few unscheduled hours, you may just want to walk aimlessly to see what you discover. Those who prefer structured exploring should consider a City Sightseeing Hawaii Hop on Hop Off Tour

. It’s one of the fastest, most convenient ways to see the city’s most impressive spots.


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