Packing List for Indefinite Travel

These are my possessions. It’s all I really want or need to live my life of full time travel

. I wouldn’t be upset if anything else that I own, which is stored in my father’s basement, was thrown out for me to never see again. As you see I don’t own anything valuable, like a car or a house.  I quite like it this way.

Below is my itemized list which altogether fits in the nice blue backpack I started using in 2005. I could travel much lighter and I could live without most things you will see below but for the time being I am satisfied with my possessions. What you see here has changed very little since I first started traveling in 2007 through Ecuador

and Colombia


1. Cheap sunglasses I got for free when I ordered my contact lenses

2. Webcam mostly used for conducting mock interviews with clients

3. USB Cables for cameras, laptops, etc.

4. Glasses

5. Passport and its holder

6. Zune Mp3 Player

7. Iriver Mp3 player and charger that works sometimes which I brought in case I lose #6

8. 2GB Memory stick

9. Cologne to smell nice

10. Universal adaptor

11. Razor for shaving my head – free haircuts!

12. Adaptor to fit more plugs

13. Extra razors for shaving my face

14. Basic unlocked cell phone and charger for local calls

15. Backup digital camera with broken LCD Screen. The primarily camera was used to take these photos of course.

16. Medicine bag with Asprin, chapstick, earplugs, a a few other miscellaneous items. All of this can be bought in pharmacies throughout the world and that is what I do when I need something I don’t have.

17. Raincoat, 2 light sweatshirts, 2 light long sleeve shirts

18. 2 Polo shirts, 3 t-shirts, 2 undershirts

19. 2 pairs of jeans

20. Sweatpants

21. Khaki Shorts

22. Bathing Suit

23. Sandals

24. Sneakers

25. Big supply of contact lenses

26. Reversible black/brown belt

27. Wallet

28. $80 in U.S. cash hidden throughout my belongings

29. U.S. Drivers License / expired university student ID

30. 7 ATM bank cards. Better to bring many of them in case I any get lost because otherwise it’s a pain to have a replacement sent abroad.

31. Ukranian phrase book

32. Three books for reading pleasure

33. Landry Bag

34.Toiletry Bag

35. Sleeping Bag Liner (a.k.a. really comfortable sheet sewn together like a sleeping bag)

35. Quick dry towel

37. Bag holding all of my underwear and socks (about 8 underwear and 8 pairs of socks)

38. toiletries (not pictured)

39. foldout duffel baf

40. backpack that fits everything shown above

41. laptop

That’s about it. It is inevitable that I forgot a few things so this list is not 100% accurate but if I did it’s nothing major. While I don’t use all of these things regularly the ones I do not do come in handy at some point. At some point in the future I would like to really travel light with just one carry-on bag containing probably half of this list. If any readers have any ideas or critique I am all ears.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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