Party Hardy in Ibiza

The most accurate dictionary ever to exist, Urban Dictionary, likens the phrase “party hardy” to “I just cashed my tax refund check and we’re gonna party hardy!” Better yet would be to take that tax refund and jump on a one of many reasonable transport options to reach Ibiza. Flights to Ibiza

are reasonable when the other option is a boat. It is an island afterall. Okay?

Ever since freshman year of uni I have attended only one foam party in a frat house basement. It was awesome. That is why Ibiza would be perfect because it seems to be one city that still carries the tradition. Every other place claiming to have one does not actually. In Cordoba, Argentina, it was false advertising. In Koh Phangnan, Thailand, I just must not have stayed awake until 5AM when it had to have been held.

by Matt Dinnery

I also rarely get a chance to see a real DJ perform. I’m not into alternative types of club music either. I’d be thrilled to pay a ginormous cover to see the likes of DJ Tiesto or Paul Oakenfold in Ibiza at Pacha. Because that is what Ibiza is all about. Sleep during the day but you better be ready for the night.

Believe me when I tell you that I will get there. I must before the government turns it into the family destination that its planning. I read that they recently changed the law to close all clubs by 6AM at the latest. And any new hotel built on the island must be five stars. It is already overdeveloped as it is but make it more expensive and the good looking young-ins that purportedly make the island so nuts will not be able to afford it.

Foam party 2012! See you all then I hope.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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