Partying in Quito

I ate at a restaurant called “G-Spot” with my co-workers after work. It seems that whoever decided to name it has a great sense of humor. The food was excellent though.

After dinner, a co-worker and I went to another restaurant to follow up on my idea of getting free coffee for the office from a local roaster. We usually spend $50 a month on coffee, so it would end up saving us some money and we would be drinking better coffee. In exchange, we would sell their coffee in our store and have a sign advertising where the coffee is from. A win-win situation.

Afterward, I went to the mall with another one of my co-workers. It was more entertaining than the malls back at home as the stores are pretty different, even if they still have many of the same ones.

I got back to my hostel a little later where i hung out with a bunch of people until 11 when we went out to one of the clubs for some dancing. It turned out to be a good time, and I got back in at 2.

Tonight I am going to a Cuban club/restaurant with some friends which should be fun. I was also invited to a party on Friday by the niece of the Ecuadorian family who took me back to Quito from Mindo. I wish I could go but some of my other friends (the movie producer from Bangladesh and German guy) have rented out a club and are organizing a big party that day.

We are having a yard sale this Saturday so i am taking off on Tuesday instead. There is a chance that we will cancel the yard sale. If that happens, i will probably go to the jungle with a guy named Adam from England that i know from my hostel.

Its been a pretty good week and it looks like its only getting better.

Jason Bartoli

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