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Pharmacy Technician Career Opportunities

Career Advancements and Outlook For Pharmacy Technicians

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, especially now in light of recent healthcare reforms set forth by the federal government. Pharmacy technicians are among those healthcare providers that will benefit from greater job responsibilities as a result of these changes. Entering the medical field as a pharmacy tech begins with the right training.

Beginning Your Career

To enter the medical field as a pharmacy technician you will need to have specialized training through a reputable school, such as Sanford Brown College. Some pharmacies only require a high school diploma to enter the field. You will receive all of your practical training on the job. The requirements to become a pharmacy tech vary significantly depending on the state that you work in, so check local regulations to determine what type of training you will need.

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Your training options include attending local schools that offer certificate programs and attending online programs. Community colleges and vocational schools are among the most popular choices. Many colleges also offer online courses to become a pharmacy technician. Online courses are a convenient alternative to traditional college courses that allow you to earn a certificate in your spare time. Training for a pharmacy technician position typically takes about one year.

Job Description

A pharmacy technician works to assist pharmacists in providing medication to customers. Your job will require very close attention to detail and an ability to effectively communicate with a diverse range of customers. Pharmacy technicians are often in charge of preparing medications, such as counting and bottling pills or mixing creams, for customers. You will also need to be able to set up consultations with the pharmacist if the customer has any questions and take payments for the prescriptions.

As a pharmacy technician, you would usually spends most of the day walking or standing. Each prescription you prepare will be double checked by the pharmacist on duty to ensure the right medication is administered. Your job responsibilities will be wide ranging and accuracy if very important since giving the wrong medication to a customer can be dangerous.

Career Outlook

As a result of healthcare reforms, many insurance companies and patients are looking for lower cost alternatives such as using pharmacies for preventative medicine like flu shots. This change has caused a big growth in the number of pharmacy technicians needed. The projected growth

from 2010 until 2020 is thirty-two percent, with over 100,000 new technicians needed to fill the positions available in the ten year span. With above average growth in the forecast, training to become a pharmacy tech is an effective way to ensure a stable career in the future.

Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare based places of business. Pay can vary based on your experience, training, and where you work. The median salary for a pharmacy tech was over $28,000 a year in 2010. The first step to becoming a pharmacy technician is to look at the regulations for your state and begin the training program of your choice.

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