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Planning A Package Holiday in Greece

Planning A Package Holiday in Greece

I will guide you through some key pointers to bear in mind when preparing for a trip to the beaches of Greece. The Greek islands

and beaches remain one of any holiday makers’ top choices for a break in 2015.

With 9% of people polled saying that Greece was the destination they were planning to head to this year, it is good news for people hoping for continued availability of holiday deals this year. Indeed, with the likes of package holidays

 to Greece offering great travel plans especially to the ultimate spring or summer getaway. The country continues to be an attractive option for would be sun seekers. If you’ve already booked your holiday and are now preparing for it, there are certain checklists and pointers that are worth going over in the months or weeks leading to your trip. Take a look at the ultimate choices.



 This might seem like an obvious one – Crete has been a huge holiday destination for years and years, with lots of top hotels in Crete, but it’s precisely this longevity which makes it a favourable choice. With a good deal of protected nature and coastline, as well as large range of hotels, hostels and luxury villas, it has something to offer a lot of different budgets.

 Voidokilia Beach


 This is one of the most stunning beaches in all of the Mediterranean – and a place you can get more than a tan. It’s a haven for walkers, philosophers, historians and more. You can’t stay here – and be thankful for that, it would be ruined by any kind of building. Located about 12km from the city of Pyros, this horseshoe shaped bay is protected by a fringe of sand dunes – but what lies beyond is incredible clear blue water, a mythic sense of age and majesty, and several other lagoons and coves hidden around the corner. This is your ultimate seaside paradise in Greece.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos


This place is also known as Shipwreck Beach

– and the leftovers of the 1983 shipwreck can be snorkeled to your heart’s content. This Ionian island boasts towering chalky white cliffs and some embarrassingly picturesque views. Reachable from Porto Vromi, which can also serve as a base for other travels to the islands.

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