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Portobello Market: Developed Countries Have Markets too

Living in London’s zone II meant finding my way to Saturday afternoon’s Portobello Market was easy. Just a couple tube station’s away it’s worth going.


Portobello market is a large outdoor marketplace with temporary stalls and vendors selling everything from fresh Paella and churros to antiques. The tradition started as a fresh-food market in the 19th century with antiques dealers setting up shop in the late 1940s and 50s. History lesson over.

Either starting from Westbourne Grove or Notting Hill tube station you will find the sprawling market. I’m sure these places sound familiar, both are popular sites because of a few movies. One  of which was the popular “Notting Hill” of course and also a messed up children’s movie “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.” In 1978, Dire Straits performed a song called “Portobello Belle” on their 2nd album Communiqué. I could care less about Dire Straits but more importantly Caetano Veloso wrote a song about this place too.

Like many developed country markets I was expecting a few blocks of food markets and overpriced antiques. While the antiques are still overpriced the food and clothing are great finds in an overly expensive city like London. But the great thing is that Portobello Road is actually a 2 mile market with antiques, fresh food, new goods and some live music.

My friends and I had a fun morning just aimlessly walking and eating our way through the market. I tried Jamaican Jerk chicken, churros, Mexican food, and salivated over everything I didn’t try.

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Jason Bartoli

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