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Prague…former capital of Bohemia

My destination Prague

is a medieval fairy tale city of castles, churches, and museums that have remained incredibly well-preserved and intact. The city is unique in that these things seem to blend into the city and are part of its current character; they don’t feel anachronistic next to skyscrapers or high rises. The whole city radiates a kind of medieval charm, while being a haven for an artistic scene that reminds one that the term “bohemian” actually originates from the empire that sat on this wonderfully walkable bit of old Europe.

Prague is an easy city to get around in, physically easy that is. There’s a metro and it’s real walkable. The hard part is actually knowing where you are going, as there seem to be two different ways to identify the location of anything. Kind of annoying, but also weirdly charming; it’s an example of just how old the city is and how there has never been any point where the place burned down or was rebuilt or was forced into grids. When you do get your bearings and get settled in one of the many Prague hotels

or hostels, there is a lot to see.  First, head to the Old Town and see everything there, including the Astronomical Clock, which looks like magic embedded in metal, and the breathtaking Tyn Church. There’s just so many amazing old pieces of architecture that seem to fit effortlessly into the environment that it would be easy to miss Frank Gehry’s Dancing House, which somehow fits perfectly with the whole theme of the city while being completely modern.


I could go on and on about the site seeing. Go see all the Kafka stuff. Prague’s weirdness, it’s kind of playful darkness, makes Kafka seem like a pretty natural extension of the place. See the Charles Bridge, get out and see the countryside, it’s all beautiful and infinitely photographable. And then grab a beer. I thought Prague was weird and mysterious and playful during the day. Well, I couldn’t even imagine what nightlife was like in the former capital of the Bohemian empire until I saw it.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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