Why a Pre-Holiday Checklist Can Prevent a Headache

Why a Pre-Holiday Checklist Can Prevent a Headache

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Mention the phrase ‘pre-holiday checklist’ to some people and they will pull a face or maybe call you a rude name.  They are the ones who don’t do checklists of any shape and form and pour scorn upon those that do.  They are also the ones most likely to forget some aspect of their holiday, end up with a massive headache and spend the week after their return bemoaning their problems.

What should a checklist involve?

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But we aren’t talking to those people, we are talking to the rest of us who see checklists as something that perform a task.  And a pre-holiday checklist can ensure you don’t get one of those headaches when you forget something and can make for an even more enjoyable break.

Top of the list of things that should be on any checklist are the essentials.  This is things like your flight details, tickets, hotel reservation information and of course passports.  Anything that you simply can’t have your holiday without should be at the top of the list.

Then there are the things you need to organize for the holiday and the jobs you have to do before you leave.  This section might include things such as:

  • Getting any inoculationsthat are requires for where you are travelling
  • Sorting out travel insurance
  • Organizing a pet sitter or someone to check the house if you are away for a week or more

Prompt you to sort the little things


A checklist can also prompt you to sort out the little things that can make or break a holiday.  For example, you have your flight but have you organized transport to and from the hotel?  Lots of people are turning to a professional car service

such as Blacklane to take them to the airport or collect them at their destination.  This solves the problem of finding a taxi or ending up with one that the kids don’t fit into, let alone all of your luggage!

It might also prompt you to remember things like toiletries that are needed and to order any medication required during the trip.  The list also ensures that you remember to pack these things – no point leaving them on the bathroom shelf for the holiday.

You might also want to check with your cell phone provider about using your phone wherever you are going.  Roaming abroad needs to be set up in advance with many companies otherwise your phone might not work or you may face a massive bill.

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