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I recently came to South Africa from the UK for a 3-month adventure and am keen to share my incredible experiences and tips with anyone planning to visit this amazing country.

If you’re planning to travel here during the South African autumn/winter, I would recommend bringing some jumpers for the cooler days and evenings, especially for Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Durban, however, enjoys temperate weather all year round, so if you enjoy sand and sunshine like me, make sure to check out Durban North Beach for fun in the sun.

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In Cape Town, I’d recommend a visit to Table Mountain, Signal Hill, and Big Bay for majestic views on a clear, sunny day.

Cape Town

While Cape Town and Durban are relatively safe, parts of “Jo’burg” are notorious for being quite dangerous. Before you travel, make sure that you’ve purchased a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

, so that if you have something stolen or require medical assistance, you’re covered. I came close to losing my bag at the airport on the way to Cape Town because it was put on the wrong flight when I was transferring in Dubai, but still had peace of mind knowing that if I didn’t get it back, I could purchase most of my items back using the travel insurance claim money.

Decide what you’re going to be doing and look for a travel insurance policy that suits your needs, for example, if you will be backpacking or travelling with a big group, purchase a policy that encompasses your trip requirements.

I hope these travel tips help anyone interested in visiting South Africa. It’s a wonderful place with so much to offer!

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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