How to protect your kids’ hearing

How to protect your kids’ hearing

Your kids need protection against the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. That’s the reason you ask them to wear sunscreen. Similarly, when your kids are exposed to loud noise, you need to tell them to wear earplugs or earmuffs to limit noise exposure.

If your kids expose themselves to loud noises, hearing loss

may become inevitable. The only way to protect their ears is to help them with the use of earplugs, especially when you take them to music concerts with you.

Tips to help your kids wear ear protection

  • Just the way you tell your children when to wear a helmet, tell them when to wear earplugs. Make it a rule so that they feel duty-bound to follow it.
  • Help them buy earplugs and other ear protection. When you participate in helping them shop plugs, they are going to be more eager to use them. Let them see different options so that they can make a choice.
  • When you are shopping earplugs for your kids, be sure to tell them that one plug doesn’t suit everyone and every occasion. Help them pick a pair that will fit in with their daily activities. For example, if your kids are part of a school music band, you need to buy them active noise cancellation plugs. Similarly, if your kids are involved in shooting and hunting sport, help them find the best kids’ ear protection gear

    to cancel the high-pitch gun sound.

  • Keep the earplugs in reach of your children so that they can easily grab a pair when they need. Putting them earplugs out of reach of your children will keep them hidden and your kids won’t be using them. The best place for plugs or other hearing protection is where your kids want them.


When to wear earplugs?

Since earplugs will limit the level of noise, your kids should wear them whenever they are exposed to loud noise. Below are some examples when your kids should wear earplugs. Print these rules and hang them somewhere in your home so that your kids always know when they need to put earplugs in their ears.

  • When your children go to theaters and auditoriums, tell them to wear earplugs. The noise at these places is extremely loud and it can easily cause hearing loss if kids don’t wear hearing protection.
  • Tell your kids to wear plugs when they go to concerts. If they often go to music concerts

    , buy them high fidelity active muffs. They are great at canceling loud noises.

  • If you take your kids to sporting events such as auto racing and football matches, it’s better they wear earplugs.
  • Children attending shooting events are exposed to extremely loud noise. Buy them earmuffs and earplugs and tell them use both. This way, the noise will remain low and they won’t suffer from hearing loss.
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