Quirky Cultural Differences in Kyiv Ukraine

I usually am interested in seeing the differences between a country and what I used to seeing in the U.S. and Latin America (I can say Latin America now too, right?). In Ukraine I have seen a few interesting differences.

Toilet Paper: More than half of the toilet paper I have seen and used does not come on a roll. It’s kind of awkward to use.

Graffitti: I’m in the downtown area which is very well kept so I have not seen much. But while in Colombia I usually saw graffitti saying “Go Home Yankees” or “Destroy the FARC”. In Ukraine Skinheads are a pretty big deal I guess?

Police: The car is tiny and they look straight out of the 80’s.

Sex Tourism: Apparently its existed for quite some time if they are able to produce books like those.

McDonalds: At first I noticed cheaper prices but when my Big Mac arrived it was also noticeably smaller than in the U.S. or Argentina.

Advertisements: There is nothing strange about this but it looks so cool written in Cryllic.

I try to take pictures of all of the interesting things I see and will continue to do some. I’m curious to hear about the quirks from countries you guys have been. Please do share.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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