Ray-Ban RB3025s – The Everlasting Pair to Flaunt Your Style

Ray-Ban RB3025s – The Everlasting Pair to Flaunt Your Style

Ask anyone what are the most iconic sunglasses of all time, and you will receive but one answer.

Ray-Ban Aviators.

To add more amusement to this situation, you wouldn’t actually be surprised to hear the answer at all. You would have that this was the case all along.

Ray Ban Aviators are classics, they are always are and they always have been.

Ray-Ban Aviators have been the most sought after sunglasses in the fashion industry over the past few decades and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Being the only original design that is a perfect rendition of 1937’s original Bausch & Lomb design, Ray-Ban Aviators do not only carry a sense of style but also a perception of history within them as well.

When designs such as the Ray-Ban RB3025s claim to represent the same iconic style, they carry a lot of weight on their thin frame.

Do the RB3025s meet the expectations, let’s find out.

The Look

First things first, the Ray-Ban RB3025s have the Aviator look down to a T. Starting from the shape of the glasses and finishing at the wire frame, the signature style of the sunglasses exudes throughout the pair.

The wireframe comes in gold, gunmetal, and black version. The gold frame has brown and green lenses in the company’s shades of G-15 and B-15, respectively. Whereas, the gunmetal and black version only comes with the green lenses. They also come in prescription version for those who need them.

All in all, if you are going for a look associated with the class Aviator style, then this basic yet timeless offering doesn’t disappoint.   

The Feel

Even with their wire frame, the glasses are quite comfortable to wear. This is with active usage as well. I for one have gone about wearing these Ray-Ban RB3025s for hours on the move with no problems in terms of discomfort (I have them in gunmetal with green lenses).

With that, they also feel pretty light on the face and the vision that you can get from the polarized lenses version only makes the decision to buy these eyeglasses to be worth it.

The Durability

Ray-Ban RB3025s – The Everlasting Pair to Flaunt Your Style

Aviator glasses are known for their durability. This makes sense since they were created with the aim to protect the wearer against harmful elements. A pair can last for years even with rough use. That is, unless you are deliberately trying to break them.

The RB3025s are no exception to this rule. They come with the same level of durability that you could count on time and again with ease. A pair could last you years as long as you show considerable care towards it.

The Price

The Ray-Ban RB3025s are moderately priced to the point where they could even be considered as entry-level Aviators for anyone who haven’t worn this style before.

But that doesn’t mean that they compromise on quality. In my experience, they proved to possess all the signature qualities of the Aviators without making me disappointed at any front.

Overall Experience with the Ray-Ban RB3025s

To answer the earlier question: yes. The Ray-Ban RB3025s do meet all the expectations of the Aviators line.

Regardless of the fact that you are following the latest trends or making your own fashion statement, you can do so comfortably with this pair of sunglasses.

And if you are someone who enjoys wearing sunglasses with a timeless appeal, then the Ray-Ban RB3025s are the definite pair for you.

Online retailers such as Vision Direct have been around for along time and are among the best options to get these timeless glasses.

If you have been thinking to purchase comfortable yet stylish sunglasses, then don’t hesitate and nab a pair of RB3025s for yourself today.

Jason Bucowski
Jason Bucowski