Rio De Janeiro…Futbol

Last Saturday I attended my first soccer/futbol game. It was pretty nuts!

A bunch of us from the hostel went to the game through our hostel which meant that we were on a guided tour and so they took us there an hour before the game to be safe. But we got to see the progression of a normal stadium and its fans to one I have never witnessed until now.

First of all, the game was played at the biggest sports stadium in the world, with a maximum capacity of over 100,000 people.

Here we are entering as some of the first people.

Its somewhat crowded outside with many people drinking since alcohol is banned inside the stadium.

Vendors were everywhere selling ice cream, snacks, and hochidogs (hot dogs)

Then the game started and everyone in the stadium was rooting for Flamengo, the home team.

And for the rest of the game, flares were set off by the crowd and many homemade flags and banners were waved.

Before we knew it, the game was over and Flamengo shut the other team out to the score of 3-0.

And we left!

Jason Bartoli

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